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Top Tips for looking after your Bikehangar during the Winter months

We maintain our Bikehangars throughout the year, however during the winter months, the cold weather may affect its performance.

Here are two tips to help keep your Bikehangar in top condition.

  • If it is a particularly cold and frosty morning you may find your key will not turn in the lock. This is due to water freezing in the lock. Simply cup your hands around the lock and breathe on it to defrost it. You can use WD40 on the lock to disperse the remaining water and help to prevent it freezing again. Please don’t use any excessive heat or an open flame to try to defrost the handle. Some of the lock mechanism is plastic which can melt, damaging the lock.
  • With drop in use and the chilly weather, you might find the door doesn’t open as quickly as usual. Each time you use your Bikehangar, open and close the door a few times. This will help warm up the pistons and keep them running smoothly. Please do not attempt to service the pistons yourselves, and avoid using spray lubricants as this can damage the seals.

If you have any further problems, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0208 699 1338.

Do you want to see a Bikehangar near you? Click this link to suggest a location. 

We hope this was helpful and good luck!

The Cyclehoop Team