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The Top 10 Ingredients of Good Cycle Parking

With over 10 years of experience here at Cyclehoop, we like to think of ourselves as experts on the topic of good cycle parking. When it comes to providing places for people to park their bikes, there’s a lot to consider.

That’s why we’ve put together this blog post, which details the top 10 ingredients of good cycle parking. Scroll down to find out more!



1. Accessible and convenient

Cycle parking should be accessible and convenient with no narrow access ways, corners, steep slopes or detours. The easier it is to access, the more likely people are going to use it. Convenient cycle parking facilities will also indicate to non-cyclists that cycling is a viable option.

2. Secure against theft and vandalism

Where cycle parking is provided, it should be in a location that is highly visible and easily surveyed. This will inspire confidence in people who cycle, knowing they can leave their bike and it will be safe from thieves and vandals while it’s parked.


3. Caters for different types of bikes

There are many different kinds of bikes, and good cycle parking needs to accommodate for all of them. A rule of thumb is to make sure the user can lock both their wheels and their frame. Road bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, e-bikes, kids’ bikes – parking solutions for every kind of bike should be considered when plans are being made.

4. Clean and well maintained

It’s important for cycle parking to be clean and well maintained. If people who cycle can clearly see that the facility is looked after and managed, it will signal to them that this is a good place to park their bike.

5. Unlikely to obstruct pedestrians

If cycle parking is located where pedestrians are walking, it needs to be ensured that it isn’t going to obstruct pedestrians. To avoid any obstruction, a tapping rail and textured surfaces like granite setts need to be implemented – this is a way of warning the visually impaired that the cycle parking is there.

6. Offers a real advantage over the location of the nearest car parking space

In order for people to have an incentive to use cycle parking, it needs to offer a real advantage over the location of the nearest car parking space. Ultimately, people are going to tend to use what is most convenient for them. Good cycle parking will be as close to the destination as possible, and it will be free of charge where possible.


7. Considers different users (resident, commuter, shopper, children, families)

Good cycle parking will consider the different users that are going to interact with it, and reflect that in its design. Residents, commuters, shoppers, children and families should all be considered and catered for. The cycle parking should also protect its users from motor vehicles.

8. Doesn’t cause unnecessary damage to bikes

No person who cycles wants to cause unnecessary damage to their bike. Good cycle parking will be designed so that it doesn’t damage the bikes of the people using it.


9. Longer stay parking should be covered and well lit

For longer stay cycle parking, it should be covered in order to protect it from bad weather. The more protection the parking offers, the more people who cycle are going to want to use it. A well-lit environment is also allows for peace of mind when it comes to theft.

10. Where there’s two-tier parking, low-level parking should be provided for those who are unable to lift their cycles

The abilities of all users will be taken into account when it comes to good cycle parking. Some users may be unable to lift their cycles, meaning the top tier of two-tier parking is unusable for them. With this in mind, low-level parking should be available alongside two-tier racks for those that can’t physically lift their bikes.

Do you think we missed anything from our list? Get in touch! We’d love to hear your thoughts.