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Bikehangar poll; Findings show an increase of cycling of over 50%

Almost half a million people had a bike stolen last year, only 4 percent were recovered, but has the solution to the fastest growing crime on London’s streets finally been found in the form of The Lambeth‘Bikehangar’?

We set about asking the public their opinion on bike thefts, storage and anything which may hinder their ability to continue cycling as a means of urban commute.

The anonymous survey saw users praising the ‘excellent design idea’ as ‘near perfect’ and explained the hangars ‘certainly make it easier to own and store bikes whilst living in a studio flat ’or ‘cramped living conditions.’ One user described the Bikehangars gas powered door as ‘feeling so light and easy to use, even a child could operate it,’ a credit to the designers choice of premium materials and mechanisms.

Further questioning showed that 98% of people found the ease of sign-up more than satisfactory,describing our service team as ‘very helpful and attentive’. Further, 20% of local residents surveyed purchased bikes purely because of a Bikehangar install near them as well as the safety it provides. Findings also show an overall increase of cycling among residents of well over 50%. The success of the Bikehangar is clearly defined by these fantastic statistics.

Bikehangars are currently installed in Brighton, Bristol, Dublin and Edinburgh, including 6 boroughs throughout central London, one being Lambeth which has a very strong cycling scene. With theft rates in the borough among the highest in the UK, it is no way an area ‘safe for leaving bikes outside’ according to Valeria Bullo, Saltoun Road. The council has been working hard to meet the high level of demand for ‘Bikehangars’ with over 150 installed to date, with keen local cyclists such as Peter van der Zwan commenting the existing Bike Hangers offer ‘a great sense of security’.

With a cultural shift on the horizon, there is still a long way to go regarding infrastructure if the UK intends to truly become as Boris Johnson would hope a ‘cyclised’ nation. But, our surveys constantly show Cyclehoop is leading the way in turning this target into a reality.

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