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Test the demand for Cycle Parking in your Borough

Cycling is one of the healthiest and greenest ways to get around London. More and more people are choosing to travel by bike as an attractive alternative to the car or public transport.

Despite this, there still seems to be a distinct lack of cycle parking facilities at many railway stations and town centres in places where they are needed most. Where parking facilities are provided, they are often insecure and theft is common.

One clever method favoured by Lambeth council is to trial the Car Bike Port which can hold ten bicycles in a single car parking space. This can be moved to different locations so that demand can be tested before they commit to installing a permanent rack.

They currently have three car bike ports at the moment and are testing them out in different locations for up to eight weeks at a time, specifically Herne Hill station. They will then move them around the borough to see where they get the most use. The idea is that people use them and vote with their bike! Where they get used most they will consider making them permanent. Whether the cycle parking is utilised and whether it encourages cycling will depend on the quality and location of the cycle parking.

If the trial is successful it is hoped that car parking spaces across the borough can be converted into cycle parking along these lines reducing the need for cyclists to chain bikes to signs and railings etc which can obstruct the pavement.

Secure cycle parking is important because it helps reduce crime and encourages cycling in line with local and national policy.

Some of the comments from the users is as follows:
“Sad to hear this is going. I was certainly an enthusiastic user. I thought it was an asset in the community and served the double function of providing secure bike storage AND slowing the speeding traffic flying into the pedestrian part of Herne Hill, You’d be bonkers to take it away.” Damian, Lambeth.

“I think the temporary cycle parking bay outside Tulse Hill is an excellent idea- ten cycles’ worth of parking, in only one car-sized space. I haven’t noticed any drivers complaining about the fact there are one fewer spaces outside. I sincerely hope you decide to make the cycle parking a permanent feature outside Tulse Hill station.” John, Lambeth

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