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Pedal to Empower: Inspiring Stories from Our Team Members

More than just a bike

At Cyclehoop, we believe that cycling is more than just a mode of transportation – it’s a way of life. Inspired by the powerful stories of women like Maggie and Sandry who have transformed their lives with bicycles, Cyclehoop is joining World Bicycle Relief’s #PedaltoEmpower campaign to support the provision of bicycles to women and girls, fostering independence and growth.

When placed in the hands of women and girls, bicycles become vehicles of change that can uplift generations. The gift of a bicycle gives someone the capability to commute, access education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, leading to a more empowered life.

As we gear up for Velo-City Ghent and celebrate Bike Week, we want to highlight the personal journeys of our team members who embody the spirit of cycling. Meet Charmian, Lizzy and Csilla, three incredible women who are not only passionate about cycling but are also making a difference in their lives through riding a bike. Read on to learn about what inspired them to start cycling, how it has changed their lives, and their favorite cycling memories. Let’s celebrate their stories and get inspired to pedal towards a healthier, happier world!


Head of Marketing

What inspired you to start cycling?

I always cycled as a kid – on family camping holidays we took our bikes and went on rides, and after school I used to hang out with my friends on our bikes. We had a second hand tandem at home, one of my friends and I used to go out on it in the summer holidays. As an adult I cycled to university and work. Then in 2013 I did a charity bike ride with some friends, 100miles a day for 7 days, Birmingham to Paris, which I guess was the starting point for more cycling.

How has cycling changed your life?

It’s my main mode of transport. I cycle every day. But I also cycle for fun and to see the world – I’ve done tours in the UK, Europe, North and South America. Travelling by bike is the perfect speed to appreciate your surroundings and travel off the beaten track. It’s also an amazing way of bonding with people. Strangers want to talk to you and other cycle tourists offer an incredible community of supportive, like-minded people.

Share your favourite cycling memory with us!

My first cycle tour. I joined a friend in La Paz, Bolivia, and spent 7 months cycling through Bolivia, Peru, Chile and Argentina. It showed me the endless possibilities of travelling by bike.


Maintenance Manager

What inspired you to start cycling?

Cycling started as a convenient way to get around for commuting and short trips. It was faster than walking and gave me flexibility and independence.

How has cycling changed your life?

Cycling has given me more freedom to move around quickly and explore new places. Working at a company that promotes cycling makes it even more rewarding, as I feel as though we help make cycling more accessible for everyone! I’ve also learnt what a big community there is around cycling and how friendly and encouraging everyone is.

Share your favorite cycling memory with us!

My favorite cycling memory is learning to ride a bike with my dad. He loves to cycle and has passed that onto me!


Marketing Assistant

What inspired you to start cycling?

My parents have been cycling with me as a baby and once I could have my own bike as a child. It was the best way to spend family time for me.

How has cycling changed your life?

Cycling has connected me more to everything I love: my friends, outdoors, sports and taught me so much about myself, how to navigate and gave me a very fresh perspective and mindset for life. I cycle every day and it is my source of joy, exercise, community and wind-down time.

Share your favorite cycling memory with us!

After my broken ankle injury 9 months ago, cycling again for the first time has been one of the most wonderful memories for me, the happiness I felt washed over me like a balm and I felt like the luckiest person in the World being able to ride again.