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Cyclehoop Maintenance Service

Cyclehoop’s fully trained Maintenance Team provide an integral support service for our products including our Bikehangars, Cycle Hubs, Public Bike Pumps, and Cyclehoops. This ensures that our products can achieve their maximum life, as well as minimising costs for any potential refurbishments.

All of our regular product maintenance within London is carried out on our fleet of cargo bikes, which is part of our ethos to promote and facilitate the benefits of cycling in the borough. Our maintenance team clocks up an average of 11,385 miles with 33,600 feet of climbing per year. Making these journeys by bike instead of driving saves us on average 4.06 tonnes of CO2  annually which is the equivalent of 19,319 trees.

This fits in with the government’s 2020 Gear Change strategy which seeks to have half of all journeys in towns and cities cycled or walked by 2030.

Our maintenance service is fundamental to our Cycle Parking Rentals scheme, which includes Bikehangars, Bikelockers and Cycle Hubs. With over 11,000 spaces managed in London, our brilliant team are constantly busy making sure your storage is safe, secure, and clean.

Each managed unit has a scheduled maintenance visit which happens twice a year, ensuring they are clean and that all parts are checked and oiled to ensure the door and locks operate smoothly and quietly. Paired with this, Cyclehoop provide an emergency call out service in case of any urgent issues or vandalism. Our team is contactable via telephone or email and we can have same day emergency response.

If you see any of our products damaged or incidents of theft please report this to 02086991338 or email