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How to Look After Your Bikehangar in the Cold Weather

We constantly maintain our Bikehangars year round to make sure they are in tiptop condition for when you use them. Sometimes though, in the winter months, the cold weather can affect the Bikehangar’s performance.

Below, we have put together some info detailing how to look after your Bikehangar in the cold weather.

What to do if the lock on your Bikehangar has frozen up

On cold and frosty mornings, you might have issues getting your key to turn in the lock of your Bikehangar. This is caused by water that has frozen in the lock. To defrost it, simply cup your hands around the lock and breathe on it.

You can use WD40 on the lock to get rid of any remaining water and to help stop it from freezing up again.

Please do not use any excessive heat or an open flame when trying to defrost the handle. Some of the lock mechanism is plastic and can melt, damaging the lock.

What to do if the door on your Bikehangar is not opening as quickly as usual

In the winter months, your Bikehangar may be getting used less. This can lead to the door not opening as quickly as it usually would. Every time you use your Bikehangar, open and close the door a few times. This will help to warm up the pistons and make sure they are running smoothly.

Please don’t attempt to service the pistons yourself. Avoid the use of spray lubricants, as this can damage the seals.

If you have any further issues, please call us right away on 0208 699 1338.

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Best of luck! We hope this article was helpful.

The Cyclehoop Team