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Cyclehoop’s market-leading Bikehangar provides six accessible, secure, weather resistant and insurable cycle parking spaces within half the space of a car parking bay. The latest model, the Bikehangar 4.0, is accredited Sold Secure Diamond and features our innovative lock mechanism,…

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Cargo Bikehangar®

The Cargo Bikehangar provides two secure, weather resistant and insurable cargo bike parking spaces within the bounds of a single standard car parking bay. Based on the Bikehangar 4.0, the Cargo Bikehangar inherits a security feature set that has been…

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Mini Bikehangar®

Cyclehoop’s market-leading Bikehangar is offered in a compact size, providing four cycle parking spaces that are accessible, secure, weather-resistant and insurable. The latest model, the Bikehangar 4.0, is accredited Sold Secure Diamond and features our innovative lock mechanism, providing resistance…

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Sheffield Stand

A classic British design, the Sheffield Stand is a secure parking solution for standard and non-standard cycles, including cargo bikes and trikes. The stand is sturdy and streamlined it is constructed of thick stainless or galvanised steel tubing, bent into…

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Sheffield Stand with parking stickers

The Sheffield Stand with Parking Stickers comes as standard with a tapper plate and reflective bands aiding visually impaired pedestrians to identify the bike stand. For the Sheffield Stand with Parking Stickers, you can choose either a Surface Mounted or…

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Bike Port

Designed and manufactured by Cyclehoop, the Bike Port is an inventive piece of street furniture that provides cycle parking for eight bikes. This eye-catching product is visible at a distance, sending a positive message about the importance of space for…

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Car Bike Port

The Car Bike Port is an eye-catching parking solution that boldly demonstrates the space efficiency of cycling. Ten cycle parking spaces can be provided in one car parking space. Its innovative modular design makes this product cost-effective, easy to transport…

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Wood Bike Shelter

The Wood Bike Shelter is an attractive cycle parking solution that is perfect for those seeking an environmentally sustainable solution. The Wood Bike Shelter is ideal with Toast Racks or Semi Vertical Bike Rack, enabling users to lock up their…

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Public Bike Pump

An essential maintenance facility for cyclists, engineered for the highest level of durability. Fixing a puncture or topping up a tyre is one of the most common bike maintenance tasks, but smaller handheld pumps are often slow and difficult to…

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