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Westminster Residential Cargo Bikehangar

Cargo Bikes are quickly gaining popularity for domestic use, with families finding them ideal for the school run, shopping, transport and leisure. They are a fun, environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to car ownership. Unfortunately, these benefits are often only available to households with sufficient storage space.

In partnership with Cyclehoop, Westminster council was the first local authority in the country to provide secure on-street cargo bike parking for residents, with a Cargo Bikehangar installed in St Johns Wood.

Residential cycle parking in Westminster

With a large proportion of high-density housing stock including town houses and apartment buildings in the borough, on-street cycle parking is key to enabling residents to cycle. Westminster council’s existing Bikehangar scheme boasts over 180 units, and management is undertaken in-house. The council aims to reach carbon net zero by 2030, and cutting transport emissions by encouraging cycling and cargo bike use is an important element in the strategy. Westminster Council has joined the Cargo Bike charter, pledging to support cargo bike usage for businesses and residents alike.

This hangar is … the first Cargo Bikehangar in Westminster and the first in the country that is fully accessible, step-free from the carriageway which I think is a huge deal. We want to make cycling accessible to more people and installing this kind of hangar means that for the first time residents will have somewhere safe to keep a cargo bike.

– Cllr Max Sullivan – Deputy Cabinet member for city Management and Cycling Champion for Westminster Council

The need for residential cargo bike parking

The problem of cargo bike parking was of great concern to resident Suami Rocha, a national standards cycling instructor and father of three. Prior to the Cargo Bikehangar, the family cargo bike had to be stored upright in a cupboard with the handlebars folded. This made usage inconvenient, and often prevented Suami’s partner from using the bike without assistance. Security was also a problem; when Suami was unable to lift and fold the bike due to an injury, it had to be stored outside, making it a target for thieves. While a bid to steal the bike was unsuccessful, hundreds of pounds worth of damage was inflicted during the attempt.

These experiences led Suami to campaign for external storage for the family cargo bike. Over a number of years, he contacted the council and the relevant cabinet members and gained the support of the London Cycling Campaign and Westminster Healthy Streets. His persistence paid off, and Westminster Council contracted Cyclehoop to supply and install the Cargo Bikehangar in early 2024.

The Cargo Bikehangar

Located just a short walk from Suami’s home, the Cargo Bikehangar provides space for two cargo bikes. It features two ground anchors to lock the bikes, an innovative fail-secure lock mechanism and robust security fittings throughout. It has been awarded the Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond accreditation, the highest available in the sector. The Cargo Bikehangar is designed around usability, it is installed parallel to the road and opens directly onto the carriageway, eliminating the need for heavy cargo bikes to be lifted up or down a curb. A gas spring assisted door and solar powered internal light make loading and unloading convenient, while a high visibility bollard protects the loading space in front of the unit from being blocked by a vehicle.

Now Suami and his family can access their bike quickly and conveniently with no need to lift it or fold it. They can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that the bike is stored securely. The second space in the unit was also rented to a second cargo bike user within days of becoming available, making efficient use of the parking bay the unit occupies.

As cutting transport emissions becomes ever more important in the push for carbon net-zero, supporting alternatives to car use is a great way for local authorities to progress towards their targets. By providing secure on-street storage, councils can help residents make the switch to a cargo bike and reduce the number of journeys made by car.

If you have any questions about the Cargo Bikehangar or setting up an on-street residential cycle storage scheme, please contact our expert sales team.

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As we can see today, the types of bikes in London are changing. You need the right bike for the right journey for the right number of people. To accommodate that, you need Bikehangars like this. I’m hugely grateful to Westminster for being the first in the city to deliver a Bikehangar like this for family bikes and cargo bikes that members of the public can use.
Will Norman Walking and Cycling Commissioner – Greater London Authority