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Sheffield Stand

A classic British design, the Sheffield Stand is a secure parking solution for standard and non-standard cycles, including cargo bikes and trikes. The stand is sturdy and streamlined it is constructed of thick stainless or galvanised steel tubing, bent into…

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Sheffield Stand with parking stickers

The Sheffield Stand with Parking Stickers comes as standard with a tapper plate and reflective bands aiding visually impaired pedestrians to identify the bike stand. For the Sheffield Stand with Parking Stickers, you can choose either a Surface Mounted or…

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Tough Love Stand

The unique design of the Tough Love Bike Stand is a popular alternative for safe and secure cycle parking. This novel bike stand consists of of thick steel or galvanised steel bent into the shape of a love heart and…

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Hoop Cycle Stand

This substantial commercial cycle stand is perfect for any outdoor location or public space. This steel hoop shape is perfectly proportioned, allowing you to lock the frame, front and rear wheel of your bike. For the Hoop Cycle Stand, you…

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M Stand

The M Bike Stand is a classic bike stand that can be installed in any public space. This sturdy steel construction offers plenty of possibilities for secure locking points safeguarding your bike against theft. For the M Cycle Stand, you…

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O Ring Cycle Stand

Our O Ring bike stand is a popular choice for town centres. A sturdy, streamlined construction made from thick stainless or galvanised steel, these simple yet stylish pieces of street furniture enable you to lock both wheels and frame of…

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