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Riding with Pride

Here at Cyclehoop and iBikeLondon headquarters we’re still buzzing from our ‘Ride with Pride’ which took place on the 17th June.

This ride was one of our best attended, most amazing and high energy bike rides since the beginnings of our iBikeLondon cycling parties in 2012. It was made extra special, as we had the opportunity to link up with Pride in London 2016. Over 200 cyclists joined us – donned in fabulous, glittery and colourful outfits – as we rode through the city with our banging soundsystems to keep the party going. We were overwhelmed by the amount of newcomers, and we really hope that they keep coming back to our parties so we can grow this project and make it bigger and better!

‘Ride with Pride’ couldn’t have happened, or have been made as safe as it was without our superstar iBikeLondon volunteers that helped lead, steward and cork the ride. It was a humongous task but they were cool, calm and kept us on course, so a HUGE thankyou to all of you! You know who you are!

Pride in London celebrates equality, diversity and openness, and these values are synonymous with what we believe at iBikeLondon. Cycling is for everyone, and our roads are for everyone. Cyclists are not obstructing the traffic; they are part of the traffic.

At iBikeLondon, we believe in openness, diversity and equality through making our roads more accessible by creating fun-filled bike parties that celebrate cycling. Our aims are to open up the streets in cities by exploring new routes, creating a positive atmosphere around cycling, and communicating to motorists that we are not here to antagonise. We are here to share and there’s enough space for all of us. In these uncertain times it is imperative that these values of openness and equality are still held and we are proud that our small but mighty project can contribute to this, as I’m sure Pride in London are.

We’d like to take this moment to also thank Pride in London for collaborating with us on this event and supporting us in spreading the message. We hope to continue organising the ‘Ride with Pride’ in the coming years.

So what happens next?

Well, we are going to keep growing this project to spread the message. On the 23rd of July we will be hosting our Summer Picnic Ride which will take you on scenic cycle towards Richmond Park and do a loop of a Tamsin Trail before choosing a spot for a luscious lunch.

On the 26th of August, we will be hosting a Carnival themed ride, and we’ve more dates in the diary to take us through to the following year. Please keep following us on Twitter and Facebook, come to our rides, send in ideas and most importantly, KEEP RIDING BIKES!

Please check out some of the shots from ‘Ride with Pride’ here: