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Public bicycle pumps in Australia

Cyclehoop is pleased to announce that 5 of its heavy duty Public Bicycle Pumps will be installed in Sydney, Australia in a bid to encourage cycling and increase the usage of cycling infrastructure, (click here for product information)

Ryan Mooney, Project Engineer for the City of Sydney said “Since no other Council in Australia has installed the bicycle pumps on the footpath, the City investigated bicycle pumps which have been installed by the City of London. The (Cyclehoop) pumps have been found to be robust, aesthetically designed, durable and suitable for outdoor use”

Sydney’s recent cycle path improvements have managed to maximise connectivity between home and workplace, providing a safe, quick and healthy transport option for commuters.

The betterment of Sydney’s cycle routes have managed to triple bicycle commuting in the past 12 months, demonstrating the demand for better cycling infrastructure, which is why Sydney’s 2007-2017 Cycle Strategy and Action Plan is to achieve a target of 10% of all work trips using bikes by 2017.

Cyclehoop’s Public Bicycle Pumps were commissioned to help achieve this target.

This is definitely something to shout about- We have been commissioned to provide the city of Sydney with its very first footpath Public Bicycle Pumps, all the way from London!

Our Public Bicycle Pumps have been experiencing a wave of success.  In the last month alone, 3 cities have already ordered it: London, Sydney and Malmo- hopefully there will be many more to come!