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Cyclehoop’s new public bicycle pump, commissioned by the City of London can be found at two locations; Banyard House Car park on Queen Victoria Street and London Wall (Moorgate). The pumps have so far been installed in busy bicycle parks, however, the product has been cleverly designed to neatly integrate into a row of street bollards.  The modern, streamlined pump would also function as an impressive standalone piece of street furniture in any high profile public square or would be an ideal addition to cycle hubs where it is important to offer cyclists a range of services.

Keeping air in your tyres is an essential part of cycling as quite simply, without air you can’t ride your bike! To increase the number of cyclists in our towns and cities, we need to create a friendlier cycling environment, not just in terms of paths and parking spaces, but also by looking after the technical aspects of cycling. Now councils can continue to support cycling by installing Cyclehoop’s new public bicycle pump.

Housed inside a robust stainless steel body with a solid steel pump handle and an armoured air hose, the hand powered pump is designed to withstand constant public use and vandalism. As with all Cyclehoop’s products simple installation is a priority.

The pump is a welcome addition to cycling infrastructure in and around city centres, providing cyclists with a convenient facility to pump up deflated tyres whilst on route. The pump will also help to encourage greater cycle amenities throughout the city and greater bicycle use; this is a positive step to making our cities more cyclist-friendly.

Not one to stand still, Cyclehoop has also recently manufactured a robust wall anchor. Inspired by the lack of aesthetically pleasing wall anchors on the market which Cyclehoop felt users would not necessarily want to install outside their homes or workplaces, The solution was an attractive, secure wall anchor with a bicycle logo laser-cut into the steel. The product was quickly picked up by several London boroughs and is currently being installed outside flats and local businesses to provide secure cycle parking.

Cyclehoop recently exhibited the new products in Seville, Spain and Malmo, Sweden which has sparked lots of interest nationally and internationally.