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Cyclehoop, Malmo and CycleHubs

We recently exhibited at a cycle parking conference in Malmo, Sweden based solely around Cycle Parking attended by delegates from all over Scandinavia.

The conference covered some interesting topics including; the continued issues with finding space on busy European streets to install cycle racks (we think we’ve found the perfect solution!), the discussion surrounding the Scandinavian preference for front wheel grabbers’ versus the German and UK’s preference for sheffield stands and the growing popularity of Cycle Hubs which are popping up all over Europe.

We were shown around an impressive Cycle Hub at Hyllie railway station in Malmö. The modern facility contained approximately 1,000 bicycles – ordinary two-wheelers as well as family bikes. It had a convenient swipe card entry system and membership was included in your monthly payment of your train fair for less than 10 Euros per month! Malmö’s first ‘Bike and Ride’ system provides a simple way to park your bike safely and securely, is right next to the entrance to the platforms and surrounded with services and amenities that ensure cyclists will never hesitate to take their bikes to Hyllie station.

Whilst at the conference we spotted our car-shaped bike racks which were pleased to see were being well utilised!